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Healing Breath Work: Deep Breathing Unearths Deep Joy

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Do you ever stop to consider that right now you are inhabiting the one physical body you will have in this lifetime? I think about that a lot now, and my journey over the last three years has convinced me that we should be treating our bodies as a beloved, sacred vessel, particularly during traumatic experiences. There are so many…

Blame as Rejection: Strategies to Survive It

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Have you ever been blamed for something you didn’t do, and no amount of talking changed the other person’s mind or made a speck of difference? I experienced this as a child, which perhaps laid down the tracks for my extreme sensitivity to it in adult life. Being blamed for something I didn’t do would send me into a kind…

Fermented Foods: On Kombucha and Enlightenment

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I am a big fan of G.T. Dave’s Kombucha. I discovered it years ago and became addicted and started buying it by the case (it’s a lot cheaper that way). Then, Lindsay Lohan claimed it made her drunk in a car accident and – poof –  they removed it from the shelves. For months, loyal devotees would visit the empty…

Breath Work: Pranayama Breathing for Healing Trauma


Although it has been a challenge to keep my mind on solid ground these past three years, my exploration of yoga, breath work, therapy and writing as ways to manage all the moving parts has helped tremendously. Due to a medical recommendation last year to try Adderall for better focus, I avoid pharmaceuticals. One pill and I was off on…

Healing Techniques: Embracing the Healing Powers Within

Feet in the Dirt

Last week I had one of those days where everything seemed shrouded in darkness, which went hand in hand with the restless night that preceded it. I am particularly vulnerable when I don’t sleep well, my brain becomes sieve-like, incapable of fending off scary thoughts. Mental exhaustion was common in the beginning, but with the river of adrenaline coursing through…

Dealing with Grief and Gracefully Disengaging from Blame

"I Blame You" note

I originally posted this a year ago but I recently read an article on the Huffington Post discussing the issue of blame and thought I would repost since it seems to be an ongoing problem. I have had some interesting and difficult conversations over the last two years. I thought I would share this one in particular, in case you…

The Illuminating Journey of Self Healing

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A few months ago I was honored to be asked to guest post on the fabulous TalkProject.net. I am a big fan of sharing stories and I adore Tracie Nichols’ work. I hope you will explore the site. This is a re-post of what I shared and because I hope 2014 is the year we can all lay ourselves out…

Conscious Parenting: Optimizing Your Behavoir During Difficult Times

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When I began the process of disciplining my first two children, I encountered a dilemma. Normally patient and kind, I would suddenly become irrational, triggered by incidental things. I couldn’t explain or understand the behavior but it bothered me. One minute I was a calm and happy mother, the next, I was my mother, yelling.

Being Present: One Thousand Healing Moments

The Hug Painting

I heard a statistic that, on average, people look at their cell phones a thousand times a day and I find this fascinating. It makes me wonder what we are looking for on our phones: Validation? Connection? Belonging? A way to look busy or feel important? I’m part of the generation that grew up pre-cell phone, and I’m trying to…

Healing Yoga and ‘The Promise’ by Mark Whitwell

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Yoga has been an integral part of my healing, and I’ve found tremendous solace on a mat, in the middle of a room of sweaty people. I prefer heated yoga because I feel like I have wrung myself out. It’s not for everyone, but it has worked for me. Although I have practiced yoga off and on for many years,…