About Dianna Bonny

Dianna Bonny


Living On The Fault Lines (LOFL) aspires to help others embrace healing through one-on-one support and events devoted to creating community. LOFL is partnered with thought-leaders to provide innovative information with the goal of fostering emboldened healing and creating healthy evolution after loss.

Dianna Bonny is the Lead Healing Advocate.

About Dianna Bonny

In the summer of 2010, my seemingly charmed suburban existence was shattered by the discovery of my husband’s double life and subsequent suicide. In the space of ten days, my world with all its messy beauty and inconvenient truths came crashing down, leaving me to traverse the emotional darkness and isolation that accompany suicide and betrayal.

I lost what I believed to be important. I thought my life was over. I was so very wrong. 

In the aftermath, I realized the value of creating conversations and speaking honestly about the events with my children. As a result of openly unraveling the wounds and secrets, we established a robust beginning rooted in truth and prevented the story from becoming a defining moment of their lives anchored in suffering. I admire their willingness to explore the pain with me – they are the most courageous souls I know.

Guided by this intention, my work here aspires to help others embrace healing with the fervent hope that a global dialogue can begin around tending to our collective emotional wounds. A passionate advocate for those navigating the silent aftermath of suicide, it is my desire to encourage a healthier legacy surrounding this epidemic.

Once upon a time, I attended U.C. Berkeley, worked as a writer in London and raised large sums of money for various charities. A devoted mother of three gorgeous humans, my favorite moments occur when I am near them. I am a fiercely hopeful human who adores deep meaningful conversation, riding horses, laughing until it hurts, entertaining for friends, reading something wonderfully insightful, engaging with people daring to change the world and learning new things about myself and the mystery of being human. 

I am currently writing my first book.