Using The Power Of The Breath To Reconnect With Karen Winter

In this 63 minute interview with author, EFT master and Breath Work practitioner, Karen Winter, we discuss using the power of the breath to reconnect with the light and love that lives within us, especially after traumatic loss.

Breathing is largely overlooked as a tool for healing, but it is an important element to explore when we are navigating any kind of emotional upheaval. The breath opens up pathways in our bodies for new patterns to emerge, on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. I found it to be incredibly helpful with my journey after suicide loss.

If you are new to deep breath work, it is an amazing experience and should be done with a trained practitioner.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Why we hold on so tightly and the importance of letting go.
  • Releasing the experiences we have lived that are deeply embedded in our cellular memory, and keeping us stuck.
  • How breath work can help with feelings of unworthiness, undeserving and not belonging.
  • Gaining an understanding, and compassion, for the choices other humans make.
  • How breath work gives us the ability to re-evaluate our beliefs, resistance and fear.
  • Moving from, “I shouldn’t feel this way,” to “I feel this way and it is OK.”
  • How we misinterpret our childhood experiences and make them into destructive narratives.
  • The experience of floating in total, unconditional love.
  • What the experience of deep breath work looks and feels like.
  • Understanding how we learn to stay back behind our emotions.
  • Cultivating the skills to build our vision of love: Authenticity, self-love, compassion and intimacy.
  • The true and “meaty work” of relationships is to know yourself.
  • Compassion is the skill for opening to life and navigating loss.
  • How breath work alleviates dense emotional experiences and accelerates our ability to process them at a much faster rate.

I hope you find the interview helpful to your journey.

As always, sending love and light.


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