The Voice Of Intuition: Confirmation from Genetic Testing

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I tend to cringe at the word “genetic” these days because of all the scary GMO business. I don’t want to be genetically modified, nor do I want to eat food that has traveled that path. However, fatigue has been debilitating these past couple of years, so when my doctor suggested genetic testing as a way to expand the possibilities, I had to consider it. I was a bit reluctant, perhaps fearing too much knowledge — did I really want to know the story my genes told?

I am not a doctor or scientist so my understanding and explanation is pure layperson, but here it is: Genes represent possibilities, not certainties, so expression of gene potential can be triggered by lifestyle or environment.

With that awareness, I did the test because I am a fan of knowledge and I am tired of being tired. Also, I was intrigued having spent the last three years unearthing the invisible beliefs that had controlled my life. Perhaps it was possible to do the same with my genetic code.

The results were pretty fascinating in that they confirmed what I intuitively knew but did not have a language to communicate.

It turns out that one of my markers, which controls the pathway and method in which I methylate certain substances like alcohol or drugs, is dysfunctional (remember, layperson terms here). This is interesting to me because I have always had reactions to prescription drugs and when I am asked if I am allergic, I have had to respond, “I don’t know.”

I’m not allergic, I just don’t process these things normally.

For instance, when I go to the dentist and get shot up with Novocain, I feel as though someone has mainlined caffeine into my heart, instantly. I have to be careful with alcohol – one glass of wine equates to most people’s three. After surgery, pain medications like Vicodin and Demerol make me nauseous.

The broader picture shows that certain medications could be lethal for me or entirely ineffective.

In addition, I happen to fare better on polyunsaturated fats than monounsaturated or saturated ones. Helpful information since I tend to go heavy on the latter two.

Now, if I had continued down the path I was going, I may have stumbled upon marginal health, however battling these invisible conditions would have left me at a considerable disadvantage. Having this information creates a new paradigm for me, so I can address my fatigue, and the way I make future health choices, in a completely different way.

I have found the same thing with healing the inner world that co-exists with my body. For years, I ignored the powerful forces behind the scenes of my life — at my peril. When I began to unearth the beliefs that drove my behavior, patterns emerged, and once visible I could begin to disentangle myself. I was no longer at their mercy.

Our bodies are always sending signals. I love that I now have scientific confirmation of what my body was trying to tell me.

If you are suffering from a health condition that just won’t get better, you might want to explore genetic testing. Likewise, if you continue to behave in mysterious ways that sabotage your life, consider shining a light on your deepest held beliefs to see if they are in alignment with the direction you want to go.

What holds you back from listening to your body or obtaining information that might expedite your healing? Is it fear?

Sending you love and healing energy,


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