Rebounder Benefits: Rebounding for a Molecular Lightness of Being


This is my Rebounder. Don’t laugh, but I think it has mystical properties, or at least the repetitive bouncing motion seems too. I’m not a shaman, just a gal trying to navigate her way through a rather difficult life experience, seeking a variety of ways to heal my soul.

There are studies that show this ugly little contraption offers some amazing health benefits not found in other forms of exercise. I own the ReboundAIR brand of rebounder; not for any particular reason, but it has worked well for me.

While yoga and walking connect me to parts of myself that lay in wait for moments when I am focused within, the rhythmic motions of bouncing seems to induce a trance-like state. The real magic happens when you step off: there is a sense that every cell in your body is floating in space.

I have forced myself onto this mini-trampoline, crippled by the unbearable weight of grief, only to step off imbued with an incredible lightness of being, my molecules released from the bondage of sorrow.

It has been an amazing tool for me. I hope it helps you on your journey as well.

Sending love,


Who is Dianna Bonny?

Hi, my name is Dianna Bonny. It’s my mission to candidly share my journey with you. For me, it’s all about the healing: to create a radiant healing energy for others who have befallen a similar fate. Together, we can forge beautiful lives of belonging and connection. Thanks for joining me today! I look forward to hearing from you.


  2 comments for “Rebounder Benefits: Rebounding for a Molecular Lightness of Being

  1. March 15, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    I appreciate your comments about the ReboundAIR. There’s is definitely a mysterious force that is enacted when one jumps up and down on a soft surface. I have used rebounding as a tool to prepare myself for memorizing things, or preparing myself for a job interview, etc. The light exercise is perfect for those trying to recondition their thinking with the use of keywords and positive self talk… anyone can reprogram their mind to think more harmoniously. Anyways, thanks for your blog.

    • September 15, 2015 at 8:51 pm

      I like your mini trampoline too Joel , although we do not manufacture the mini trampoline, but I do have one in my office bought from you .

      Great !

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