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Talk About It: Don’t Allow Never to Define Your Future

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This past week, I encountered the same conversation that I have had again and again during the last four years. It goes something like this:  “My [Father/Mother/Sibling/Grandparent] chose suicide [ten/twenty/thirty/forty] years ago, and my family has [NEVER] discussed it.” Never is the common denominator and it is its own kind of wilderness. Never will stop healing dead in its tracks.…

Conversation: A Sacred Vessel of Healing Exploration

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I continue to cross paths with people who have been touched by suicide and the common denominator in all these encounters seems to be the unfortunate feeling of isolation, because no one in the family talks about it. The event is relegated to the “unmentionable topics” closet that all families, and cultures, seem to have, and left to fester in…