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How to Make Eye Contact and Create Connection

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote photo | Dianna Bonny Photography

Tragedy offers a front row seat to human nature and one thing I started noticing in the early aftermath was how we avoid eye contact. What is it about allowing others to peer through the “windows to our soul” that is so difficult?

3 Essential Tools for Healing: Writing, Meditation and Conversation

Bertrand Russell quote photo | Dianna Bonny

I was recently asked about the things that were most helpful to my healing process so far. I thought I would share my top three choices, in no particular order: Writing, meditation and actively learning to engage in honest, and often difficult, conversations. Breath Work and tapping would also be on the list. Writing has been essential to my entire…

Curating a Collection of Self Healing Practices

Ralph Waldo Emerson quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

There is a lot of talk about gratitude these days and I am a big practitioner of bringing it into my life by keeping track of the things that give me pause, make me smile or fill me with a deep sense of reverence. I love this practice because it is a record of the beauty and goodness that I’d…

Self Healing Techniques: Tapping Your Way Through Resistance

Tiffany Loren Rowe quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

Lately, I have been engaged in a dance with the darkness, also known as resistance. Inner soul basher is a better description. Steven Pressfield writes beautifully of this in his book The War of Art. It seems to me the more I invite the light in, the more the darkness seems to pull out all the stops and throw down…