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Conversation: A Sacred Vessel of Healing Exploration

Lynne Twist quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

I continue to cross paths with people who have been touched by suicide and the common denominator in all these encounters seems to be the unfortunate feeling of isolation, because no one in the family talks about it. The event is relegated to the “unmentionable topics” closet that all families, and cultures, seem to have, and left to fester in…

New Year’s Resolutions & Self-Love

beach sunset | Dianna Bonny Photography

As the sun slowly drifted down over the horizon for the final time in 2013, I was walking down the beach reflecting on things and I realized that I have never been very good at the New Year’s resolution thing. Have you? I always have the very best intentions and I love thinking about how I can do better, be…

Conscious Healing Through Mind Mapping

mind map | Dianna Bonny Photography

Although healing is an organic process, it requires a pro-active mindset. And, making the choice to heal is the only way for it to begin. Let’s face it, being a victim is powerful stuff and you can get a lot of mileage out of it. But, it limits your range because you will be driving the same stretch of highway…