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Liquid Healing Gold: Sea Buckthorn

True Food cookbook | Dianna Bonny Photography

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that my curiosity leads me down strange roads in search of healing nutritional food and beverages. This is the result of the ruthless toll stress took on my body and my own lack of knowledge at the time. Had I been better informed, I might have spared…

Dreamy, Soul Satisfying Dairy-Free Chocolate Pudding Recipe

photo of empty chocolate pudding bowl | Dianna Bonny Photography

When all else fails, there’s Chocolate. And, what could be better than a dairy- and gluten-free treat when your healing efforts have stalled? Even if they are sailing along nicely, there is something very soul soothing about a comfort food like pudding.

Super Healing Green Smoothie Recipe

Photo of a green smoothie in a tea cup | Dianna Bonny Photography

Here is my favorite new smoothie. I am still experimenting with my food (as evidenced by all the recipes on this blog), because I truly believe that nutrition is an integral part of the healing equation. We cannot expect to feel good when are putting crap in our bodies, especially during times of stress, when adrenaline and cortisol are running…