Mother’s Day Revelations and Flourless Chocolate Cake

I mentioned before that I am not a baker. I am a cook, so I really have no business messing around with the likes of the gluten-free world. But, I did it anyway, because I wanted a semi-healthy dessert for a Mother’s Day party. By the grace of the universe (or Mother’s Day luck) it worked. It is a Flourless Chocolate Cake and it’s pretty darn fabulous.

flourless chocolate cake

I gravitate to gluten-free because a nutritionist informed me that gluten can remain in the system for up to six months. That seems like an awfully long time to be processing something that wreaks havoc in the body, especially if you are trying to heal emotionally.

As I was baking, I noticed I have a tendency to clean up as I go along. I didn’t realize this until now, but I’m very methodical about it. A sink full of dishes almost makes me twitch, so I started observing myself, meandering along nearly 50 years of well-worn habitual tread.

In the wonderful little book Just One Thing, Rick Hanson writes:

“As long as you’ve lived, your experiences have sifted down into your psyche, forming layers like the bands of colored rock in the Grand Canyon. The most fundamental layers were laid down in your childhood, when your brain was most impressionable.”

It is funny that I chose Mother’s Day to observe this habit, because I can trace it right back to the canyon of my childhood and my mother, who insisted on cleaning up everything — cooking and art projects alike — as we went along. Messes were simply not allowed. As I was making this cake, I could almost feel her staring at the chocolate batter on the counter and shaking her head. Bless her soul.

I wouldn’t call myself Type-A by a long stretch. As I mentioned, I am not a neat freak, I clean when necessary and usually when my brain is trying to either avoid something or figure it out. So I wonder about this force of habit when I cook. As it happens, I am also big on spatula scraping. I have to get every last bit of cookie dough, smoothies and sauces. I don’t remember my mother doing these things, so it seems unfair to blame her, but she did get really upset when I colored outside of the lines. I see a connection here.

Maybe it’s a disorder, because I have the same tendency with my toiletries. I actually cut my shampoo and conditioner bottles in half to scrape out the product when I can’t squeeze any more out by hand. There can be a week’s worth of stuff in there and… I’m probably sharing a little too much here.

I hope you enjoy the cake. Follow this link for the full recipe: Flourless Chocolate Cake recipe.


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