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Self-Mastery As A Way Of Life

Four years into the uninvited (yet now, strangely welcome) life reinvention, I have grasped that there is really very little that we have any control over, other than ourselves. Strangely, very few of us take the time to master this idea as a way of living a better life. When things first happened, I remember looking at myself in the more »

Quinoa Bruschetta

I attended a Goddess Gathering this week and was asked to bring an appetizer. It’s a funny thing when you get out of the habit of cooking! I used to have recipe ideas memorized and know just which cookbooks to peruse, but on this day, my usual repertoire was rather illusive. Short on time, I knew I had cooked quinoa more »

The 4 Step Emotional Cleanse For 2015

I spent much of December in contemplation and confusion, which I am fairly certain was the result of completing the next iteration of my manuscript. It reminded me of the days after my first child was born. Pregnancy was full of planning and excitement and then instantly, I was a mother, with no idea of what to do with the more »

Enhancing the Benefits of Juicing: Green Juice Recipe

recharged green juice | Dianna Bonny Photography

I have become enamored with the mind+body connection, as well as the nutrition+healing equation. As I reflect back on my experience, I see that if I had treated my body like a sacred vessel and fortified it, I might not have been so vulnerable to the cascade of hormonal chemicals and chaos of outside forces. As a result, I continue more »

Offering Support After A Suicide

I had a few calls over the holidays asking for help in how to respond and offer support after a suicide, so I thought I would share some ideas on how to be a friend in the aftermath. These are things that helped my family and I share them in case this experience crosses your path. I love the A. A. Milne more »

A New Year: Setting Goals and Peace of Mind

The beginning of the holidays were heavily dusted with bah humbug for me. When it came to decorating and buying presents, I simply couldn’t muster any Santa spirit. I was truthful with my family about my mindset and so my brother became the de facto Santa. Thankfully, I have kids who accept my honesty and are old enough to appreciate more »

The Value of Letting Go

let go | Dianna Bonny Photography

Happy New Year! This post is from a while back but in the spirit of ushering new energy in for the new year I thought it was a good one to share again. Next week I will be back on track with new thoughts and ideas for healing in 2015. At coffee the other day, my friend and I were more »

What Can We Mindfully Learn From The Suicide Epidemic

I know it’s the holidays, not the best time for this topic, but this past week I learned about the recent suicide of a high school senior here in San Diego, a young man voted home coming king at his school, and thought to be happy. I also met a prominent Hollywood figure who knew of four recent suicides in more »

David Whyte Poems: Loaves and Fishes

bread loaves | Dianna Bonny Photography

I never truly appreciated the beauty of poetry until quite recently. I think my brain was too distracted to understand the gorgeous simplicity contained in so few words. As my life becomes more and more simplified, I find I am drawn to the magical way a poem can evoke an ocean of feeling and understanding. We live in a world more »

Relieve Holiday Stress: Whole Body Breathing

I remember standing in the living room of our new home four years ago, two weeks before Christmas, feeling totally overwhelmed by the idea of tree and decorations. The move had taken everything out of me but, desperate for a sense of normalcy for my kids, I wrestled my holiday mojo out of thin air and brought the holiday to more »

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