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Finding Your Authentic Voice

In my last post, I posed the questions, “Was there an event that dampened your curiosity in childhood,” and, “What effect did it have on your life?” These inquiries came from my own exploration of the effect that forbidden curiosity had on my life. As a result of a rather impactful event, I lost the sense of having a voice more »

Forbidden Curiosity: How We Lose Our Voice

My meditations have been taking me back to childhood lately. I’ve never really been one of those folks with vivid, in tact memories of my childhood. They are scattered and patchy, at best. I’m not sure if there is an underlying motive behind my not remembering, or if my mind is just wired that way. The other day, I did more »

Simple, Good Food: Japanese Meatballs And Korean Slaw

I have been cooking simple, good food for a friend who is facing a health challenge. She hasn’t yet connected the dots between eating well and health, something I see as essential. Since I love cooking it seemed natural to try and entice her to see the importance with nutrient dense, clean food. While her inability to connect the food more »

Fear: What’s Holding You Back

When I was a little girl, around the age of six or seven, I was terrified of the dark. I remember the swell of anxiety in my belly after bath time when I knew “lights off” was imminent. Climbing into bed, I would lay back and watch as one of my parents reached for the light switch while simultaneously closing more »

On Getting Out Of Your Own Way And Succeeding

I went to Santa Cruz for a visit with my Sophomore son last weekend. College doesn’t seem to have changed much since I was there a few many years ago, except everyone now has their nose in a Smartphone. The food in the pantry is a bit different and I don’t remember my house full of girls being quite as dirty more »

Healing Trauma: First Aid for the Soul

holistic healing soul aid

I am traveling this week and thought this post was a good reminder to take care of ourselves, especially when traversing the aftermath of loss. I have a first aid kit tucked away in the bathroom cabinet for those minor emergencies, a preventative toolbox to ward off infections and avoid a costly visit to the doctor or ER. When my more »

Dear Life-Changing Events of 2010:

Dear Live Changing Events of 2010: I wasn’t terribly fond of the way you entered my life a few years ago and unapologetically devastated everything without warning. Who gave you permission to do that, Life Changing Events of 2010? While my life wasn’t what I’d call perfect, I was fumbling my way through. I’ll admit I was too scared to more »

Brain Health: Counter-Acting Chronic Stress After Loss

  I did not anticipate the stress that comes with adjusting to life after a traumatic loss. Loss throws us into a state of uncertainty, often evoking fear of the unknown, and unchecked fear can lead to the hormonal stress response, ultimately placing an extraordinary burden on the body and brain. I recently learned that once our bodies are hijacked, more »

Expression Of Emotions Is The Key To Healing

I feel myself coming back to life over these past few weeks. It is as though my cells are peeking out from where they have been hibernating and hiding while I have been busy reconstructing my world. I have been moving furniture around. I had a sudden burst of inspiration to sell of many of my old belongings and embarked more »

No More Pain: Healing Must Be Holistic

If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am always in search of ways to cultivate and usher in healing. It was born of wanting to leave my children a better legacy. It has been my quest since the Summer of 2010, and in many ways, it is now my life’s work because I more »

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