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3 Essential Tools for Healing: Writing, Meditation and Conversation

Bertrand Russell quote photo | Dianna Bonny

I was recently asked about the things that were most helpful to my healing process so far. I thought I would share my top three choices, in no particular order: Writing, meditation and actively learning to engage in honest, and often difficult, conversations. Breath Work and tapping would also be on the list. Writing has been essential to my entire…

Aligning Your Heart with the Power of Self Inquiry


I used to collect cookbooks and I have amassed quite a collection. In the old days, when I had a meal in mind, one of my favorite things to do was grab a stack, spread them out on the counter and rifle through the recipes. When my curiosity was satisfied, I would compose the dish. Before the Internet, I also…

Walking Meditation: Inviting the Divine Spirit via the Labyrinth

labyrinth | Dianna Bonny Photography

“Walking the labyrinth is a way of praying with the body that invites the divine presence into an active conversation with the heart and soul. By engaging in this walking meditation, we are fully engaging our minds, bodies, and spirits at the same time.” Washington National Cathedral My first experience with a labyrinth occurred in Taos at the Mabel Dodge…