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Healing Habits: Restoring Authentic Self Expression

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If you have ever watched children at play, before the cookie-cutter world has tampered with their inherent wisdom by imprinting rules and proper behavior, it is obvious that they are emotive-expression machines. Expression — through love, play and creativity — comes naturally and flows through them like a vibrant river. Social structure builds dams in this flow by saying: That behavior is not…

Just Breathe: An Interview with Kathleen Woeber on Healing

Just Breathe sign

Since the holiday season is officially upon us, I thought it might be a good time to share some insight into something we rarely give much thought too, even though it is literally a part of every moment of our lives: breathing. I know of no better way to calm and re-connect with myself than the simple practice of noticing…

How to Make Eye Contact and Create Connection

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Tragedy offers a front row seat to human nature and one thing I started noticing in the early aftermath was how we avoid eye contact. What is it about allowing others to peer through the “windows to our soul” that is so difficult?

What is Living on the Fault Lines?

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A few years ago, I began writing my book and slowly wading through the stories and experiences that led up to the dramatic discovery that most of my existence was not what I thought it was. Through this process, it became painfully apparent that I had been inhabiting an unconscious life, one where I knew very little about myself, or…

The Power of Writing as a Creative Therapy for Healing

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Writing a blog is not unlike the age-old practice of keeping a journal. The major difference being that one doesn’t necessarily want anyone to happen upon the contents contained in the pages of a journal, where one has high hopes that many folks will in fact read a blog post. I believe the magic of a journal is this: in…

Posing for Pictures: A Mirror of Self Discovery

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I am not much of a get-my-photo-taken kind of gal. Being seen has been an uncomfortable space for me. I was the girl awkwardly hiding behind other kids in teen-age photos. I am the woman holding my hand up in front of my face when the camera comes out. I have thousands of photos of my kids, very few of…

The Power of Video for Self Discovery: Removing the Mask

conscious | Dianna Bonny Photography

I have written about my experiences of coming out from behind the lens, much like a child stepping out from the folds of her mother’s skirt, slowly revealing more and more. When my blog first went “live,” I made my computer gal take it down so I could get used to the photo of myself being out there. It was…

The Ultimate Expression of Love: Self-Trust

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One of the muscles I have been nurturing and building over these last few years is a previously unused and withered one: the one of self-trust, which translates to following my own intuition and staying aligned with what I know to be true for me. I have always been particularly good at standing up for my children and outside causes,…

Shawshank Redemption: A Message of Self Discovery from the Soul

digging dirt | Dianna Bonny Photography

One of my all time favorite movies is The Shawshank Redemption. In the days when we had the premium cable subscription with a bevy of channels, if I happened to be mindlessly flipping through seeking a source of entertainment and came across it, without question, no matter how far along the movie was, I was hooked. I’m hoping you’ve seen…

Holiday Reflections: David Whyte’s Santiago

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I am a big fan of David Whyte’s poetry. I love the way he crafts words into poems that land on my heart and stay there long after I’ve read them. I just recently came across this one, and it seemed the perfect reminder during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that it is ourselves we ultimately seek.