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Healing Habits: Restoring Authentic Self Expression

healing habit | Dianna Bonny Photography

If you have ever watched children at play, before the cookie-cutter world has tampered with their inherent wisdom by imprinting rules and proper behavior, it is obvious that they are emotive-expression machines. Expression — through love, play and creativity — comes naturally and flows through them like a vibrant river. Social structure builds dams in this flow by saying: That behavior is not…

Hiding Your True Self: Papier-Mâché People

papier mache | Dianna Bonny Photography

In elementary school I had a groovy fifth grade teacher. She was incredibly kind and stood out in her flowing flowery tops, head-bands and long, curly hair. There weren’t a lot of cool wardrobe options going on in 1973 (I would argue that fashion completely bypassed this decade), so she was a breath of fresh air. Our classroom was an…

The Finale: The Healing Energy From Singing Your Heart Out

breakthrough | Dianna Bonny Photography

It’s not the easy stuff that changes us. It’s when we’re afraid we’ll fail, but we try anyway. It’s when what we want is just out of reach and we have to leap. It’s when we fall down—and when we get back up. It’s that little space between curiosity and courage where we decide it’s time to stop dreaming—and do.…