No More Pain: Healing Must Be Holistic

If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am always in search of ways to cultivate and usher in healing. It was born of wanting to leave my children a better legacy. It has been my quest since the Summer of 2010, and in many ways, it is now my life’s work because I have met so many people who are crippled by unhealed pain.

Trauma affects every part of our lives so I do believe our healing efforts have to be thought of holistically, by which I mean applied to body, mind and spirit.


 PHILOSOPHY: Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

MEDICINE: Characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease.

Nothing happens in a vacuum and everything affects the whole. Emotional traumas alter our physical, mental and spiritual world, and although it is uncomfortable, on some level it is important to embrace and accept this reality.

Although I have found many ways to cope with the tragedy that befell me, tapping, therapy, meditation and the like, I have yet to find something that seems to integrate it all into one place and makes me feel like I am truly in power of the life that I now have in the aftermath.

At times, healing seems so piece meal, like grabbing at straws, and perhaps this is because we have never been given a model from which to draw upon.

I had the amazing good luck to attend an amazing workshop this weekend called, No More Pain. Isn’t this what we all want, to be out of pain? I am exhausted by the same old day in and day out, themes running my life, and the ground-hog-day factor of feeling the same way over and over, and trying to not feel the same way, over and over.

It has become a psychic wrestling match.

But honestly this weekend changed things for me. I came home after day two feeling lighter, grounded and hopeful. I didn’t expect this at all.

“You can live life knowing that everything is divinely guided, entirely purposeful and for your spiritual growth.”

Alejandra Crisafulli, No More Pain

When I heard this, I felt my body relax into utter peace. I have long been diving into the notion that every experience we encounter is for our betterment but this workshop gave me the framework around which to see that idea.

The biggest takeaway is what I have been saying all along, and perhaps trying to convince myself of as well. In order to heal, you have to feel, express and accept your pain. There is no other way.

I wish there was, but I’m fairly certain we both know otherwise.

If you have gotten to a point of disconnect with your healing, I invite you to explore No More Pain. I will be writing more about this amazing workshop once I distill what I learned down a bit more.

Sending love and light,


Who is Dianna Bonny?

Hi, my name is Dianna Bonny. It’s my mission to candidly share my journey with you. For me, it’s all about the healing: to create a radiant healing energy for others who have befallen a similar fate. Together, we can forge beautiful lives of belonging and connection. Thanks for joining me today! I look forward to hearing from you.



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