An Out Of This World Maple Syrup Candied Bacon Recipe

photo of maple syrup candied bacon | Dianna Bonny Photography

Sometimes ideas come to me in a flash for this blog. I will see an article or hear something that triggers a stream of consciousness and — viola — a post is born. This week however, after days of dodging my sick children, I have fallen prey to a rather nasty cold/flu bug that rendered my brain useless.

Which is why I am writing about maple syrup bacon.

If you haven’t come across this delectable and addictive treat, I think you will be as smitten as I was when I first tasted it in a bar with my friend Julez who, despite my scrunched up look of disgust, insisted that we order it.

I tried not to, but I ate the most.

I was never a huge fan of bacon. The smell fondly reminds me of childhood summers in Lake Tahoe, but I’ve always classified it in the bad food category, so I never ate much of it. Now I am a bit of a convert, even mildly obsessed.

I’m not sure if it is truly Paleo, but it certainly seems to feature in a lot of recipes in the blogosphere. I’m not sure maple syrup existed in the Paleolithic days, but, for the sake of good food, I suppose we can be flexible.

A versatile treat, it can simply be eaten with eggs, chopped up on salad or sprinkled over chocolate pudding. I’ve even seen it added to chocolate chip cookies.

If you like crispy bacon, this might not be for you, because the syrup makes the bacon unbelievably delicious and chewy. It works on turkey bacon as well.

I was never very good at chemistry, but there is some kind of science magic going on between the fat and the sugar.

I was trying to think of how I could tie this simple little treat into a healing moment, when it occurred to me that during troubled times, what we want the most are simple, easy things that make us feel better. Of course we want other things as well, and I’m not suggesting that maple syrup bacon will solve your problems, but they might seem a bit less overwhelming for a brief moment.

Maple Syrup Bacon Recipe 

8 ounces organic, pasture fed bacon (or turkey bacon)

2 – 3 tablespoons maple syrup

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Line a baking sheet with foil and lay bacon out flat. Pour maple syrup over the bacon.

Turn the slices over at about ten minutes. No need to pour off the fat as it emulsifies with the syrup.

Bake for approximately twenty minutes in all.



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