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Intuitive Healing: Trust and Surrender

surrender | Dianna Bonny Photography

I want to share something odd with you. I don’t think you will mind, since I have already made myself quite naked here. About a month after the life changing summer, I was out for a walk. I am a walker — it is one of the ways I solve my problems, foot to earth, step by step. It is more »

Healing Trauma: What It Means To Heal

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This was originally a guest post over at Elin Stebbins Waldal’s beautiful blog and I wanted to share it here: Traumatic experiences can dramatically interrupt our lives, like a mighty ice storm, and instantly change the landscape. We then face the question of whether we are going to remain frozen in the position the storm left us, or smash the more »

Healing Techniques: Embracing the Healing Powers Within

Feet in the Dirt

Last week I had one of those days where everything seemed shrouded in darkness, which went hand in hand with the restless night that preceded it. I am particularly vulnerable when I don’t sleep well, my brain becomes sieve-like, incapable of fending off scary thoughts. Mental exhaustion was common in the beginning, but with the river of adrenaline coursing through more »

Self Healing: The Energy of Compassion

compassion is a verb | Dianna Bonny Photography

I have long been trying to understand my own propensity to succumb to the little voice that calls from the dark trying to convince me I am not enough. But even more puzzling is the actual existence of the part of myself that seems devoted to self-destruction. Our dark side is an underground entity with confusing motives – isn’t life more »

Bouncing Back: Resilience and Healing

bouncing back | Dianna Bonny Photography

“Our conditioning — the wiring of our neural circuitry as we learn from experience — sometimes goes awry. When this happens, we can find ourselves stuck in negative, dysfunctional response patterns that leave us feeling ineffective and miserable and more vulnerable to stressors or trauma.”  —Linda Graham, Bouncing Back I found this very cool book, Bouncing Back, by Linda Graham. more »

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