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Go Where The Love Is: Following Your Heart

Go Where the Love Is | Dianna Bonny Photography

Over the weekend I had the wonderful fortune to see the movie, The Way Way Back. It’s quirky and if you enjoy a good story, a good laugh and a good cry – it is all of that in just under two hours. I highly recommend it. Plus, it features this cool song by Edie Brickell that should be everyone’s…

Using Equine Principles to Train the Human Mind

equine mind | Dianna Bonny Photography

Last week, I had dinner with the woman who has been caring for one of my horses. I always love seeing her even though it brings up the deep sadness I harbor about having to give up my equine companions. There are certain parts of my story, and this is one of them, that I prefer not to visit all…

The Ultimate Expression of Love: Self-Trust

inner wisdom | Dianna Bonny Photography

One of the muscles I have been nurturing and building over these last few years is a previously unused and withered one: the one of self-trust, which translates to following my own intuition and staying aligned with what I know to be true for me. I have always been particularly good at standing up for my children and outside causes,…