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Intuitive Healing: Trust and Surrender

surrender | Dianna Bonny Photography

I want to share something odd with you. I don’t think you will mind, since I have already made myself quite naked here. About a month after the life changing summer, I was out for a walk. I am a walker — it is one of the ways I solve my problems, foot to earth, step by step. It is…

The Ultimate Expression of Love: Self-Trust

inner wisdom | Dianna Bonny Photography

One of the muscles I have been nurturing and building over these last few years is a previously unused and withered one: the one of self-trust, which translates to following my own intuition and staying aligned with what I know to be true for me. I have always been particularly good at standing up for my children and outside causes,…

Shawshank Redemption: A Message of Self Discovery from the Soul

digging dirt | Dianna Bonny Photography

One of my all time favorite movies is The Shawshank Redemption. In the days when we had the premium cable subscription with a bevy of channels, if I happened to be mindlessly flipping through seeking a source of entertainment and came across it, without question, no matter how far along the movie was, I was hooked. I’m hoping you’ve seen…