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Yes, It’s True: Your Words And Actions Do Matter

I grew up in the era of, “Sticks and stone will break your bones, but words will never hurt you.” Clearly, whoever originated this saying had never dealt with social media, cyber-harassment or an unmonitored teenager armed with a Smartphone. My how times have changed. Words are powerful weapons and yes, it’s true, your words and actions do matter.

What Can We Mindfully Learn From The Suicide Epidemic

I know it’s the holidays, not the best time for this topic, but this past week I learned about the recent suicide of a high school senior here in San Diego, a young man voted home coming king at his school, and thought to be happy. I also met a prominent Hollywood figure who knew of four recent suicides in…

On Robin Williams’ Death and the Suicide Epidemic

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Robin Williams’ death, and the subsequent media storm, rendered me wordless last week. I tried to write, but couldn’t find words to express the sadness I felt. From the moment I heard about his suicide, I was lulled into a kind of trance, watching the media swirl around, offering up vacuous commentary and opinions. Why did a news feed need…

Suicide Awareness: Thinking and Speaking of Suicide

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As suicide rates continue to climb, I have to think that perhaps the way we think and talk (or not talk) about it are not working. Having spent the last four years acclimating to being a part of this culture, I have fully experienced its taboo nature and the way people emotionally retreat in its presence. It is, without a…

Life After Suicide: Reflections on Healing & the Suicide Epidemic

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The news has been full of rather grim stories lately. Although I’m not one to watch much television, I got hooked a couple weeks ago trying to learn a bit more about Oscar Pistorius. After a week of obsessing over the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian jet, my thoughts have turned to the family of L’Wren Scott. I have to…