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Go Where The Love Is: Following Your Heart

Go Where the Love Is | Dianna Bonny Photography

Over the weekend I had the wonderful fortune to see the movie, The Way Way Back. It’s quirky and if you enjoy a good story, a good laugh and a good cry – it is all of that in just under two hours. I highly recommend it. Plus, it features this cool song by Edie Brickell that should be everyone’s…

Managing Anxiety: Natural Remedies for Anxiety

anxiety tools | Dianna Bonny Photography

“When we think and feel in the same ways for most of our lives and memorize familiar states of being, our internal chemical state keeps activating the same genes, meaning we keep making the same proteins.” Dr. Joe Dispenza I often wonder what all these emotional states are trying to tell me. I can usually figure out why I am…

Facing Your Fears: On Courageous Introspection & Monster Hunting

Angus | Dianna Bonny Photography

I went on a monster hunt with the most adorable 4-year-old boy the other day. Apparently, my backyard is infested with them, so, armed with a sword and measuring cups + spoons (not sure why, but they were essential), we set out to remedy the problem. I never actually saw one of these scary creatures, but they were plainly visible…