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Bringing Our Purpose To Life After Loss

I want to share what I learned while planning, and then actually doing, a tele-seminar. Not because I want to WOW you with all the technology I have had to learn (and am still learning) these past few months. Or, the amount of work it takes to actually produce enough material for an hour of speaking (step aside, five hundred more »

EFT & Healing In The Aftermath Of Suicide Loss

In this 56 minute interview with Marti Murphy, a Certified Master Abundance Coach and EFT Practitioner, as well as the host of the EFT Radio Show, “Leave the Job You Hate For the Work You Love,” we discuss the ways one can use the Emotional Freedom Technique (also called Tapping) to manage the powerful emotions that accompany suicide. Marti candidly shares the more »

Unraveling The Aftermath Of Suicide And Healing

A couple weeks ago, I talked about the trials and tribulations of doing video work. Today, I learned that I needn’t have been so worried about it being perfect because apparently a highly skilled video editor can remove any and all imperfections. It made me laugh to think of how hard I tried to get the lighting, sound and actual more »

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