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Paying Homage To Gorgeous Poetry: Other Worlds Await You

I have written before about my love of poems. The ability to convey so much with so few words is an art form I admire very much. I wanted to pay homage to the gorgeous poetry that has touched my life these past few years. I have printed versions that I keep tucked in my journal, and old-fashioned paper calendar.…

David Whyte Poems: Loaves and Fishes

bread loaves | Dianna Bonny Photography

I never truly appreciated the beauty of poetry until quite recently. I think my brain was too distracted to understand the gorgeous simplicity contained in so few words. As my life becomes more and more simplified, I find I am drawn to the magical way a poem can evoke an ocean of feeling and understanding. We live in a world…

On David Whyte and the Fierce Heat of Living

cultivate courage | Dianna Bonny Photography

I posted the following poem by David Whyte last year. I was profoundly moved the first time I saw it and it¬†continues to be one of my favorites, inspiring me in different ways each time I read the words. It reminds me that I am smack in the center of this fierce heat of living, looking outward with firm eyes…

Holiday Reflections: David Whyte’s Santiago

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I am a big fan of David Whyte’s poetry.¬†I love the way he crafts words into poems that land on my heart and stay there long after I’ve read them. I just recently came across this one, and it seemed the perfect reminder during the hustle and bustle of the holidays, that it is ourselves we ultimately seek.