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3 Essential Tools for Healing: Writing, Meditation and Conversation

Bertrand Russell quote photo | Dianna Bonny

I was recently asked about the things that were most helpful to my healing process so far. I thought I would share my top three choices, in no particular order: Writing, meditation and actively learning to engage in honest, and often difficult, conversations. Breath Work and tapping would also be on the list. Writing has been essential to my entire…

Dealing with Loss: Healing Through Mentoring and Conversation

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It is difficult to believe that it has been a year since my singing debut and fiftieth birthday. So much has happened since then, and of course it means another year sandwiched between the life changing summer and the present. In many ways, it seems like yesterday, in others, another lifetime. As the fourth year passes, I find that I…

Conversation: A Sacred Vessel of Healing Exploration

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I continue to cross paths with people who have been touched by suicide and the common denominator in all these encounters seems to be the unfortunate feeling of isolation, because no one in the family talks about it. The event is relegated to the “unmentionable topics” closet that all families, and cultures, seem to have, and left to fester in…