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Embracing Ourselves After Trauma With Dr. Megan McElheran

In this 46 minute interview with Dr. Megan McElheran of WGM Psychology in Calgary, who is a clinically trained psychologist specializing in the treatment of trauma and PTSD, we discuss the idea of embracing ourselves with compassion both before and after tragedy. No human is immune to trauma in the global community, although we all like to think otherwise. Nowadays, loss more »

Befriending Stress and Creating Resiliency

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I recently saw a TED talk by Kelly McGonigal on befriending stress. It is worth watching because she outlines a deceptively simple concept: changing the way we think about something can alter our body’s response to it. My favorite part of her talk is the idea that how you think and act creates the “biology of courage.” In other words, more »

Bouncing Back: Resilience and Healing

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“Our conditioning — the wiring of our neural circuitry as we learn from experience — sometimes goes awry. When this happens, we can find ourselves stuck in negative, dysfunctional response patterns that leave us feeling ineffective and miserable and more vulnerable to stressors or trauma.”  —Linda Graham, Bouncing Back I found this very cool book, Bouncing Back, by Linda Graham. more »

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