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Thoughts On Moving, Craigslist and Good Character

I am in the process of moving (again.) If you have had the pleasure of making a move from one house to another, particularly in quick succession, then you are familiar with the joy I am referring too. Until five years ago, I was a stay-put kind of person who lived for long stretches in one place. Now I am more »

Life Lessons Learned By Living With Less

We have a serious drought here in California. It reminds me of the Seventies when I was in my early teens and we had a severe water shortage. I lived in the Bay area at the time and the entire community joined in on the conservation efforts. In our house, shower time was limited and toilets were infrequently flushed. For more »

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If you have found yourself on the threshold of loss, I blog weekly with tips and tools for the journey that helped me and may help you, too.