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Delicious Gluten-Free Muffins: Carrot Banana Muffins Recipe

carrot muffins | Dianna Bonny Photography

As a rule, both unfortunate and challenging, I don’t eat traditional bread or pasta. This was a difficult dietary transition and I would call myself more of a reluctant gluten-avoider than gluten-free. I avoid these things because I don’t feel all that well when I eat them, but I do eyeball fabulous looking pastries and muffins every now and again more »

Liquid Healing Gold: Sea Buckthorn

True Food cookbook | Dianna Bonny Photography

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that my curiosity leads me down strange roads in search of healing nutritional food and beverages. This is the result of the ruthless toll stress took on my body and my own lack of knowledge at the time. Had I been better informed, I might have spared more »

Healing Raw Food Experiments and Cashew Recipes

cashew cream | Dianna Bonny Photography

A couple of summer’s ago, one of my boys had terrible stomach problems. Considering everything that had happened during the past year, it wasn’t surprising and I attributed it to stress. I took him to my doctor, who is a super sleuth, and although she could find no physical reasons for the pain, she ran some allergy tests and referred more »

A Healing & Delicious Vegetable Smoothie Recipe

vegetable smoothie | Dianna Bonny Photography

It is hard to imagine that one can put the words vegetable and smoothie together and expect anything delicious to emerge, but I have recently found this to be absolutely true. My discovery was the lucky result of perusing my self-help laden bookshelf last week while trying to find inspiration (and trying to decide if I really need all these more »

Healing Cashew Milk & Chia Seed Pudding Recipes

chia seed pudding | Dianna Bonny Photography

The one marvelous thing about completing the juice cleanse is that I can return to my love of healthy cooking. I am not quite sure how I am going to integrate real food into my life just yet, other than it will be a slow and thoughtful process so I don’t erase the twenty-eight days of effort. I am Over more »

The Super Juice Me Cleanse: Reflections on 28 Days of Juicing

juicing veggies | Dianna Bonny Photography

I am incredibly happy to report that I completed the Super Juice Me cleanse. Twenty-eight days of juice, juice and more juice. In case you decide to embark on this kind of adventure, I thought I would share my experience, which was an interesting and worthwhile way to find out more about the inner workings of my body. I tend to more »

28 Day Juice Cleanse: Super Juicing for Good Health

red juice cleanse | Dianna Bonny Photography

Last week I had the good fortune of seeing the movie Super Juice Me. I’ve often thought of doing a juice cleanse, but veered away because it seemed like an arduous exercise in denial and self-punishment. I don’t really know why I had that impression, but when I started to think about all the things I had to do without, more »

How to Heal: 5 Tips for Fierce Healing

Leonard Cohen quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

Loss is a part of life, maybe more so now than ever. Here are some thoughts and tools to champion your healing possibilities and create space to connect with your innate goodness. I’m a big believer that just beyond the pain of your wounds is beautiful energy that awaits your discovery. Unearthing it, and honoring the wisdom that lives there, more »

Super Healing Green Smoothie Recipe

Photo of a green smoothie in a tea cup | Dianna Bonny Photography

Here is my favorite new smoothie. I am still experimenting with my food (as evidenced by all the recipes on this blog), because I truly believe that nutrition is an integral part of the healing equation. We cannot expect to feel good when are putting crap in our bodies, especially during times of stress, when adrenaline and cortisol are running more »

Healing Foods: Amazing Grain-Free Granola Recipe

grain-free granola | Dianna Bonny Photography

As the world gets more complicated, I find myself seeking islands of refuge in my daily life. An uncomplicated way to fuel my body is one of them, so when I came across The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor, I was intrigued and started following the principles immediately. The book is the result of an exhaustive ten-year “research odyssey,” and although it more »

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