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Forgiveness And Suicide Loss With Ana Holub

This edition of The Healing Project Interviews proves that I am an incredibly lucky human being. Author, peace ambassador and educator Ana Holub recently contacted me to discuss forgiveness as it relates to suicide loss. Our interview could have gone on indefinitely, but during our 68 minutes together, we discussed the idea that the conversation surrounding suicide loss is thankfully (and finally) happening, and that more »

Forgiving Yourself Is the New Black

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Forgiveness is the new black, or at least it seems to be on everyone’s lips these days. It is something I think upon because people often ask if I have forgiven my husband. Every now and again, I notice a judgmental edge to the tone in the question, as though I’m not worthy if I haven’t reached the supreme state more »

A Healing State of Mind & Asking for Help

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I am wondering how you create a healing state of mind, because it’s something I have had to learn and now think of as a practice — something one has to actively cultivate for their betterment. It doesn’t just “happen,” rather we invite it into our lives daily through a series of decisions and actions that propel us forward on more »

Forgiveness & Gluten-Free Almond Butter Cookies

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I am struggling with back pain due to a compromised area that didn’t do well with being seated on airplanes and hard seminar chairs for a week. I don’t think hoisting luggage up into the overhead bin helped either. The pain is interfering with my ability to do just about everything, including cleaning up after my dogs on the morning more »

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