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EFT & Healing In The Aftermath Of Suicide Loss

In this 56 minute interview with Marti Murphy, a Certified Master Abundance Coach and EFT Practitioner, as well as the host of the EFT Radio Show, “Leave the Job You Hate For the Work You Love,” we discuss the ways one can use the Emotional Freedom Technique (also called Tapping) to manage the powerful emotions that accompany suicide. Marti candidly shares the more »

Healing Therapy: Using the Energy of the Body to Heal the Mind

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I’m a big fan of therapy. Not sit-on-the-couch-talking-forever therapy. I’m mean peel-back-the-layers-quickly therapy. I write about it here because I think it is an important healing tool: a way to delve below the surface and unearth invisible forces that wreak havoc in our lives. The right kind of therapy can be instrumental in the journey to wholeness and create possibilities more »

3 Essential Tools for Healing: Writing, Meditation and Conversation

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I was recently asked about the things that were most helpful to my healing process so far. I thought I would share my top three choices, in no particular order: Writing, meditation and actively learning to engage in honest, and often difficult, conversations. Breath Work and tapping would also be on the list. Writing has been essential to my entire more »

Healing Breath Work: Deep Breathing Unearths Deep Joy

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Do you ever stop to consider that right now you are inhabiting the one physical body you will have in this lifetime? I think about that a lot now, and my journey over the last three years has convinced me that we should be treating our bodies as a beloved, sacred vessel, particularly during traumatic experiences. There are so many more »

Self Healing Techniques: Tapping Your Way Through Resistance

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Lately, I have been engaged in a dance with the darkness, also known as resistance. Inner soul basher is a better description. Steven Pressfield writes beautifully of this in his book The War of Art. It seems to me the more I invite the light in, the more the darkness seems to pull out all the stops and throw down more »

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