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Coping with Loss: A Reinterpretation of Father’s Day

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As far as holidays go, Father’s Day presents a certain kind of challenge. Living in this culture of mass marketed and manufactured “celebration” days, it is somewhat hard to escape. Don’t get me wrong — I adore holidays and the way they create a space for expressing sentiments that should really be expressed on a daily basis. I just don’t more »

My Story, Your Story: On Coping with Loss and Beginning Again

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I have been revisiting some of my blog posts this summer and when I came across this one I knew I had to re-post it. I wrote it at the beginning of this blogging journey. It clearly details my “why” and comes straight from my broken heart and wounded soul. I needed to be reminded of these precious things and more »

Coping with Suicide: A Poem About Loss

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This poem was sent to me by a woman I know whose son recently took his own life. She received it from a friend and found great solace in the words. I can understand why and wanted to share it with you.   There is a brokenness out of which comes the unbroken, a shatteredness out of which blooms the unshatterable. more »

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