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Intuitive Healing: Trust and Surrender

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I want to share something odd with you. I don’t think you will mind, since I have already made myself quite naked here. About a month after the life changing summer, I was out for a walk. I am a walker — it is one of the ways I solve my problems, foot to earth, step by step. It is more »

Self Healing: A Few Things I Have Learned

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This is a repost that still feels as true as the day I wrote it nearly two years ago. My how times flies when you aren’t looking! If you have been thrown into the fire of loss, then you will know the feeling of treading upon the anniversary of these things with care. These days demand a certain kind of more »

Healing Trauma: What It Means To Heal

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This was originally a guest post over at Elin Stebbins Waldal’s beautiful blog and I wanted to share it here: Traumatic experiences can dramatically interrupt our lives, like a mighty ice storm, and instantly change the landscape. We then face the question of whether we are going to remain frozen in the position the storm left us, or smash the more »

Grounding: A Healing Practice for Trauma

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This post is a reprise but grounding is a good way to cultivate inner peace and stability in the midst of the busy holiday season. When I first started writing about the events that transpired in 2010, I wrote from the space of being a few blocks away, maybe even a few continents. It was something that happened to me, more »

Thoughts on Google Alerts and Breaking the Cycle of Suffering

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I discovered sometime ago that members of my husband’s family have a Google Alert on my name. I assume it is how they discovered and subsequently sabotaged the webinar I wrote about last week. I have to admit it is rather unsettling and eerie to think that they are watching my every Internet move. I use the Google Alert feature more »

The Healing Gift Contained Within Our Emotional Wounds

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Don’t let your wounds make you someone you are not. The above thought came to me when I was trying to figure out what exactly I am doing with all this writing and bound up desire to share my story. Sometimes, it seems like such craziness. I mean, I am up against some pretty big odds here and every so more »

Neuroplasticity: A Secret Super Power for Healing

Lisa Wimberger quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

I have a collection of indoor + outdoor plants that have traveled along with me from house to house during my last three moves. I am attached to them in an odd way that I haven’t yet been able to define. Perhaps because I had to let go of so much, I needed something to anchor me to a part more »

Courage to Heal: Cultivating Your Bravery Muscle

be brave | Dianna Bonny Photography

As a traveler on the healing path, I am really beginning to understand how easy, yet ultimately more difficult, it is to move away from discomfort. Pain is not something we are taught to explore or embrace and we have become incredibly adept at avoiding it by pushing it as far away as possible, numbing it with drugs and alcohol, more »

How to Heal: 5 Tips for Fierce Healing

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Loss is a part of life, maybe more so now than ever. Here are some thoughts and tools to champion your healing possibilities and create space to connect with your innate goodness. I’m a big believer that just beyond the pain of your wounds is beautiful energy that awaits your discovery. Unearthing it, and honoring the wisdom that lives there, more »

The Immeasurability of the Healing Process

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We are a nation of measurers aren’t we? Everywhere you look there is someone with a yardstick stretched out over our lives to make sure we are keeping up: school GPAs, test scores, top 100 lists, body mass index, IQs and happy lifestyle percentiles, and even a stress scale to keep track of…stress. Just for kicks, I added up my more »

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