Unraveling The Aftermath Of Suicide And Healing

A couple weeks ago, I talked about the trials and tribulations of doing video work. Today, I learned that I needn’t have been so worried about it being perfect because apparently a highly skilled video editor can remove any and all imperfections. It made me laugh to think of how hard I tried to get the lighting, sound and actual more »

Are You A Creature Of Habit?

I have three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Long name for a small dog. I adore them of course, but three dogs equals three dogs. Three bowls of food, three baths, three leashes to handle on a walk. You get the picture. Their most coveted moment is when I allow them on the bed. They all curl up around me despite more »

Life Through The Lens Of Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness and gratitude are having their moment in the spotlight these days. I hear the words almost daily either via emails, social media or conversations. They remind me of a few years ago when authenticity had its day in the sun. Not to sound cynical or anything, I just think we have to be careful about flying these word flags more »

Confidence And Mastering New Skills: Making Videos

photo shoot | Dianna Bonny Photography

I have been working on creating a tele-seminar. The photo above is my living room, rearranged and full of the various components necessary to create videos. These things take a while to organize, and more time and courage than one might imagine. They require a lot of back talk to the inner critic as well, because putting any kind of work out into the world can attract criticism, both real and imaginary.

Gathering all the information to host this kind of event is a job in and of itself, but then there is the marketing, an entirely different matter. Some of the marketing will be done through video which requires a brand new skill set, and upended living room. On more than one occasion, this new work has given me pause and made me ponder what I am doing. I enjoy learning new things, but it is sometimes such an uncomfortable stretch to do so. Read more

The Mighty Surrender: Embracing What We Know

I have a friend who is going through a rather difficult relationship transition. I listened quietly as she traced over the contours of her ten-year relationship, trying to find signs of where things might have changed. A recent conversation with her partner revealed problems that have been simmering under the surface for quite some time. “Problems” that, while surprising to more »

Healing Trauma: What It Means To Heal

Dianna Bonny Lotus Icon

This was originally a guest post over at Elin Stebbins Waldal’s beautiful blog and I wanted to share it here: Traumatic experiences can dramatically interrupt our lives, like a mighty ice storm, and instantly change the landscape. We then face the question of whether we are going to remain frozen in the position the storm left us, or smash the more »

Finding Your Authentic Voice

In my last post, I posed the questions, “Was there an event that dampened your curiosity in childhood,” and, “What effect did it have on your life?” These inquiries came from my own exploration of the effect that forbidden curiosity had on my life. As a result of a rather impactful event, I lost the sense of having a voice more »

Forbidden Curiosity: How We Lose Our Voice

My meditations have been taking me back to childhood lately. I’ve never really been one of those folks with vivid, in tact memories of my childhood. They are scattered and patchy, at best. I’m not sure if there is an underlying motive behind my not remembering, or if my mind is just wired that way. The other day, I did more »

Simple, Good Food: Japanese Meatballs And Korean Slaw

I have been cooking simple, good food for a friend who is facing a health challenge. She hasn’t yet connected the dots between eating well and health, something I see as essential. Since I love cooking it seemed natural to try and entice her to see the importance with nutrient dense, clean food. While her inability to connect the food more »

Fear: What’s Holding You Back

When I was a little girl, around the age of six or seven, I was terrified of the dark. I remember the swell of anxiety in my belly after bath time when I knew “lights off” was imminent. Climbing into bed, I would lay back and watch as one of my parents reached for the light switch while simultaneously closing more »

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