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Feeling Your Feelings: Read ‘Ensouling Language’ by Stephen Buhner

Ensouling Language book

One of the most worthwhile things I have re-discovered these past few years is to allow, trust and honor feelings and emotions. In my other life, I felt things, but I would push those feelings as far away as possible. I did not live an inhabited life before everything fell apart, I lived at the edge, peering in. For me, “feeling” more »

On Warrior Pose and Being a Warrior

warrior pose

After reading a truly amazing book, I found myself looking up the meaning behind warrior pose. Richard Rosen, a contributing editor of Yoga Journal, offers this: “The yogi is really a warrior against his own ignorance,” Rosen says. “I speculate that Virabhadrasana I (warrior pose) is about rising up out of your own limitations.” I can’t imagine a more fitting more »

Honoring and Dealing with Anger for Healing

truth | Dianna Bonny Photography

I was speaking with Terri over at Bone Sigh Arts last week. She and I couldn’t figure out how we found each other, but decided it must have been on Twitter. One of the wonderful benefits of the Internet is connecting with kindred spirits in this way. I really encourage you to explore her art because her creations are heartfelt, more »

Aligning Your Heart with the Power of Self Inquiry


I used to collect cookbooks and I have amassed quite a collection. In the old days, when I had a meal in mind, one of my favorite things to do was grab a stack, spread them out on the counter and rifle through the recipes. When my curiosity was satisfied, I would compose the dish. Before the Internet, I also more »

How to Heal: 5 Tips for Fierce Healing

Leonard Cohen quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

Loss is a part of life, maybe more so now than ever. Here are some thoughts and tools to champion your healing possibilities and create space to connect with your innate goodness. I’m a big believer that just beyond the pain of your wounds is beautiful energy that awaits your discovery. Unearthing it, and honoring the wisdom that lives there, more »

Steering by Starlight: The Unfolding Road

undiscovered road

Live while you are alive Learn to be what you are in the seed of your spirit Learn to free yourself from all things that have molded you And which limit your secret and undiscovered road Never forget that love Requires that you be The greatest person you are capable of being, Self-generating and strong and gentle – Your own more »

Emotional Healing: The Benefits of Honoring Emotions

John Lennon quote | Dianna Bonny Photography

I used to love driving my kids to and from school. Elementary school was fairly close, but for middle and high school, I was one of those parents who chose schools that required going the distance. As it turned out, those long drives were encapsulated moments of amazing connection and discovery. The time was precious — we were enclosed in more »

Emotional Healing: Shining a Light on Shame


“Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”  –Brené Brown People make assumptions about me when they hear my story, which I suppose is understandable. Boy, you must hate men. Will you ever trust anyone again? How could you not have known? I don’t hate men at all, quite the more »

Parent Suicide Resources: When Children Grieve

Dianna Bonny Lotus Icon

In the aftermath of my husband’s death, I pursued every resource I could find to aid in my children’s recovery. They were not particularly fond of their brief foray into therapy because they found talking to a stranger about such an intimate experience “weird.” One of them attended a Survivors of Suicide support group but had a hard time finding more »

Managing Anxiety: Natural Remedies for Anxiety

anxiety tools | Dianna Bonny Photography

“When we think and feel in the same ways for most of our lives and memorize familiar states of being, our internal chemical state keeps activating the same genes, meaning we keep making the same proteins.” Dr. Joe Dispenza I often wonder what all these emotional states are trying to tell me. I can usually figure out why I am more »

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