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Healing Trauma: First Aid for the Soul

holistic healing soul aid

I am traveling this week and thought this post was a good reminder to take care of ourselves, especially when traversing the aftermath of loss. I have a first aid kit tucked away in the bathroom cabinet for those minor emergencies, a preventative toolbox to ward off infections and avoid a costly visit to the doctor or ER. When my more »

Brain Health: Counter-Acting Chronic Stress After Loss

  I did not anticipate the stress that comes with adjusting to life after a traumatic loss. Loss throws us into a state of uncertainty, often evoking fear of the unknown, and unchecked fear can lead to the hormonal stress response, ultimately placing an extraordinary burden on the body and brain. I recently learned that once our bodies are hijacked, more »

No More Pain: Healing Must Be Holistic

If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am always in search of ways to cultivate and usher in healing. It was born of wanting to leave my children a better legacy. It has been my quest since the Summer of 2010, and in many ways, it is now my life’s work because I more »

Grounding: A Healing Practice for Trauma

roots | Dianna Bonny Photography

This post is a reprise but grounding is a good way to cultivate inner peace and stability in the midst of the busy holiday season. When I first started writing about the events that transpired in 2010, I wrote from the space of being a few blocks away, maybe even a few continents. It was something that happened to me, more »

The Super Juice Me Cleanse: Reflections on 28 Days of Juicing

juicing veggies | Dianna Bonny Photography

I am incredibly happy to report that I completed the Super Juice Me cleanse. Twenty-eight days of juice, juice and more juice. In case you decide to embark on this kind of adventure, I thought I would share my experience, which was an interesting and worthwhile way to find out more about the inner workings of my body. I tend to more »

28 Day Juice Cleanse: Super Juicing for Good Health

red juice cleanse | Dianna Bonny Photography

Last week I had the good fortune of seeing the movie Super Juice Me. I’ve often thought of doing a juice cleanse, but veered away because it seemed like an arduous exercise in denial and self-punishment. I don’t really know why I had that impression, but when I started to think about all the things I had to do without, more »

The Benefits of Turmeric: An Anti-Inflammatory Superstar

turmeric tea

Three years ago, I wish I had been more aware of creating an optimal inner eco-system for personal sustainability. Quite frankly, just getting up every day was an accomplishment, so the unchecked rampant stress took its toll and now I am repairing the damage. Under duress, I think it is important that we are keenly attuned to our bodies and more »

Breath Work: Pranayama Breathing for Healing Trauma


Although it has been a challenge to keep my mind on solid ground these past three years, my exploration of yoga, breath work, therapy and writing as ways to manage all the moving parts has helped tremendously. Due to a medical recommendation last year to try Adderall for better focus, I avoid pharmaceuticals. One pill and I was off on more »

Managing Anxiety: Natural Remedies for Anxiety

anxiety tools | Dianna Bonny Photography

“When we think and feel in the same ways for most of our lives and memorize familiar states of being, our internal chemical state keeps activating the same genes, meaning we keep making the same proteins.” Dr. Joe Dispenza I often wonder what all these emotional states are trying to tell me. I can usually figure out why I am more »

Stress Neutralizing Daily Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie with Kale | Dianna Bonny Photography

There is a certain pulse to the holiday season that seems to summon stress, and it is very easy to get caught up in the pressure to buy more and put on a happy face. It requires a very concerted effort to protect the precious resources of our mental and physical eco-systems. “We need to mount a stress response in more »

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